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Business Risk Analysis

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Business Risk Analysis
A Business Risk Analysis will take the internal and external risks associated with owners, directors and employees out of your business, for you to have peace of mind, at any time.
From 1 January 2011 the way Keyman, contingent liability, deferred compensation and buy and sell agreements are taxed will change. Read more about it here.. and contact us for a urgent consultation to correct any unpleasant surprises.
The Business Analysis or Evaluation process involves the following:

1.   Business Priority Checklist (13 Priorities) Download it

2.   PBRAC Broker Service Level Agreement ( SLA) – What & When services will be delivered

3.   Your Company's evaluation process

4.   An Employee Benefit Structure questionaire. (Click here to complete it now..)

5.   Review of Auditors “existing” buy and sell,contingent liability, keyman premium deduction processes in terms of Section 3  (3) (a) (iA) of the Estate Duties Act. Correctness of it toward changes in tax regulation 1/1/2011

6.   Review of “Past” Personal Sureties to be cancelled with Banks

7.   Wealth Extraction and Asset protection via Pension Funds (27.5% Gift from SARS)

8.   Value-add investment processes

9.   Additional Future priorities to be reviewed

10. Date for follow-up meeting for Cobalt 123 Results, EB Questionnaire Review, agreement on SLA and assistance with the implementation of the Bank Sureties and Auditor Letters
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What else do we offer u?
Trust: You can trust us to look after your risk
Accessibillity: We are a call away.
Friendliness: We will treat you like our best customer. Always with a smile.
Products: We can offer you almost every kind of insurance cover for your business.
Claims: We will settle them in the shortest time possible
Full Service: Look at our value added product, we offer you more than just looking after your risk. We cover your full business functionality.

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